Specialty Call Cords

The GeriCall Geriatric Call Cord is a round, flattened momentary call cord pad that works great for residents who have limited hand dexterity. This call cord utilizes a mechanical switch in the pad that can be activated by slight pressure from the hand, arm or body, or can even be positioned under the resident's chin

PART# 118844-8 - GeriCall, 8', Grey
                                                                PART# 118844-10 - GeriCall, 10', Grey

PadCall is a pneumatic air-activated call cord designed for patients who have difficulty activating standard call cords. PadCall has a large circular shape, soft vinyl pad with gripping feet that prevent it from slipping off any surface

PART# 113741 - PadCall, 8', Grey    
PART# 113743 - PadCall, 10', Grey

PressCall is a pneaumatic air-activated call cord designed for patients who have difficulty activating standard call cords. PressCall has an oval-shaped, soft vinyl bulb design that fits easily into the hand

PART# 113724 - PressCall, 10', Grey  
PART# 113728 - PressCall, 15', Grey


TouchCall provides reliable and versatile nurse call activation for patients with limited dexterity. The TouchCall features a large, ultra sensitive touch plate surface that can be easily pressed by a hand, foot, elbow, chin, ect. The tent design with clip and Velcro attachment methods allows for multiple positioning possibilities to make it simple and convenient for any patient to use.

                                                                PART# 113673-4410 - TouchCall, 10', Grey

BreathCall is for patients with little to no motor skills and is activated by simply breathing into a disposable straw and filter assembly. It has a flexible gooseneck with universal mounting clamp. The mini BreathCall offers the same features of the standard with a more streamline design to fit smaller areas. All BreathCalls come with a 9' cord, clamp and filter/straw kit. Standard BreathCalls have a 36" black tubing from clamp to mouthpiece, and Mini BreathCalls have a 28" white tubing. For single patient use.

PART# 11201-09 - Standard BreathCall, 9', Black  
PART# 16001-09 - Mini BreathCall, 9', White