Responder 5000



Responder® 5000 is an easy, efficient communications  solution that helps drive better productivity and  satisfaction in the delivery of care at nursing homes and  elder care facilities.



Culture of Safety

Help ensure the residents’ safety at nursing homes by visually identifying fall risks via multiple displays, 2-way communication from the resident’s bed and toilet, deliver-ing automatic rounding reminders.

Environment of Care

Help guarantee compliance with Govern-ment programs and improve interdepart-mental communications— including Housekeeping, Environmental Services, and Transport. Identify over-burdened staff sit-uations for rapid mitigation.

Focus on Prevention

Monitor and trend critical activities for con-tinuous improvement to help avoid read-missions, prevent pressure ulcers, and man-age control of infectious residents. Help prevent wandering-related injuries and as-sociated liabilities and nursing homes and other elder care facilities.

Quality of Life

Build greater staff satisfaction and promote a quiet, healing environment for resident by reducing noise at nursing homes and other nursing facilities.

An Engaged Family

Empower and strengthen families’ engage-ment by helping them direct requests to appropriate staff. Reassure family members about resident care, safety, and security with continuous tracking of location

Local Service & Support

Receive timely, onsite delivery of clinical design, implementation and application services and support. Get your staff up to speed quickly and successfully through Responder training which is continually re-freshed based on field experience and on-going enhancements.



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