Crest Wireless Nurse Call


Crest HealthCare Mobile Call Unit

This Mobile Call Unit is ideal for use in community spaces, hallways or other facility locations that do not have nurse call functions available. A 4' locking cord is attached to a compact unit that includes a sounder with two volume settings. Unit can be mounted on a stationary chair, wheelchair, set on a table, or at one's side.

PART# 115725   HandiCall Mobile Unit                                                              PART# 7717-4 - Replacement Locking Call Cord



Crest healthcare wireless call system

The Wireless Call System changes your existing nurse call station into a wireless station. Plug the wall unit into your current station, plug in the power supply, and give the transmitter to your resident or patient. The transmitter can be worn as either a necklace or a watchband for easy use. The Wireless Nurse Call System gives residents the freedom to move around the room without being restricted by cords. Great for residents who are very mobile, or for those who frequently have trouble finding or reaching their call button. Signal range is typically up to 300' - 500'.

PART# 108712 - Crest Wireless Call System                                                  PART# 108713 - Replacement Transmitter

smart central monitor

The Central Monitor is an economical method for providing residents with wireless call for assistance paging ability. The Central Monitor allows caregivers to see which resident is calling for assistance, The Nurse Call Buttons can be mounted to a headboard, wall or worn as a necklace (lanyard with breakaway clip included). The system alarms audibly and the display indicates which resident initiated the alarm. The Central Monitor uses four size "C" batteries (not included)  or AC adapter and has signal range radius of up to 300'. The Wireless Nurse Call Buttons use A23 12V batteries (included). AC adapters included, other components sold seperately.
  • Additional pendants can be added or deleted as needed, Great for wired nurse call system emergency backup, Eliminates in-room noise, Available in 40-channel or 60-channel options
PART# 115627 - Central Monitor Unit, 60-Channel                                    PART# 115638 - Central Monitor Unit, 40-Channel
PART# 114569 - Nurse Call Button                                                                  PART# 115339 - Pocket Pager w/ Case
PART# 115338 - Hall Monitor