STANLEY Healthcare’s RoamAlert® wander management solution gives you the tools you need to protect your residents when and where they need it. Residents are easily monitored through personalized protection and access control based on their needs, reducing the risk of wandering or flight and providing peace of mind to residents, family and staff. No other product offers the same level of flexibility and scalability, combined with ease of use for staff and administrators.


RoamAlert is modular and expandable. You can meet your needs today and stay within your budget—while planning for the future. Real-time resident locating, automatic door bypass, alarm reporting to portable devices—the RoamAlert solution is capable of all this and more. But it can also be used to guard a single exit. When you’re ready to expand, so is RoamAlert. The solution can be scaled to cover not just an entire building, but an entire campus. You can add not just resident locating, but personal emergency response for your staff and residents. You can even track assets like the keys to medicine cabinets.                    



The RoamAlert resident tag is part of the RoamAlert wander management solution, especially designed for wander-prone residents.
PART# 804A2401 Securaband Wrist Tag - 3 year pro-rated warranty


The RoamAlert Pendant tag is part of the RoamAlert wander management system. It is a radio frequency tag that enables residents or staff to call for assistance from anywhere within the system's coverage area.
PART# AR3TA01-00D Pendant Tag - 1 year pro-rated warranty


The RoamAlert Wander Management solution incorporates a controller and exciter, also known as an antenna, near the exit door that senses the presence of an RFID tag worn on the wrist of a memory-challenged resident. Once the tag enters the detection area (exciter field), the controller activates door locks which prevent the door from opening. At this point, caregivers can safely escort the resident away, and the doors automatically release again. Staff can also punch a code into the nearby keypad and override the locking system if necessary.  
The RoamAlert system is extremely powerful and flexible. In a facility with many exits, it is possible to monitor many doors from a central server.


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