Uunique 2-in-1 Eco Leather Folio, iPhone 11Pro Max, Black


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Made with premium biodegradable Eco-leather, the Uunique Nutrisiti 2-in-1 Folio and Detachable Back Shell is impressive for its looks as well as its thoughtful construction. The Leather Folio combines slim form and durable build to give the user a case which not only protects the phone from drops but can also store up to three cards and convert to pull out the phone with a single card slot.

• Experience the aromatic leather and exquisite stitching of the Uunique 2-in1 Folio. Natural tanning methods are used to create this beautiful biodegradable, and fully certified - 100% chrome free and 100% metal free leather.

• 1% of each case sold will go to Unique Unity Trust, towards supporting global eco- charities, around the world, to help save our planet.

• Made with biodegradable leather

• 2 in1 dual function design

• Non-slip secure connective design

• Card Storage (3 slots)

• Formed protective case edges

• Integrated view stand function

• Slim in profile

• Qi Wireless Charging compatible