UOLO Volt Qi Fast Wireless Charging Pad


Qi Certified and Ultra Fast Wireless Charging Pad with QC 3.0 Wall Charger.


Built-in Smart Protection features include FOD (foreign object detection), over voltage protection, over current protection, high temperature protection and short circuit protection. (LED indicator will flash if the wireless charger experiences any error)


Easy to use – Simply place your Qi compatible device on the Uolo Volt 15W Fast Wireless Charging Pad and the pad will start charging your device.


Universal Compatibility – 15W/10W/7.5W/5W Fast wireless charging for compatible devices. For Qi enabled devices that are not compatible with Fast Charging, Uolo Volt 15W Fast Wireless Charging Pad will automatically charge your device at the normal speed (5V/1A).


Sleek, compact design made with premium aluminum and stylish fabric charging surface.


Package includes: 1 x 1m USB C to USB A cable, 1 x Uolo Volt Qi 15W Fast Wireless Charging Pad, 1 x QC 3.0 Wall Charger.