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Primex is focused on helping organizations improve efficiency, standardize operations, protect against risks and meet compliance goals. Their expanded technology portfolio includes solutions that eliminate manual tasks to boost data accuracy and staff productivity.


OneVue Sense

OneVue Sync & Notify

Whether you’re recording refrigerator temperature for vaccine storage or monitoring differential air pressure for a surgical suite, OneVue Sense puts you in touch with your environment.

Secure, state-of-the-art, wireless sensors continuously monitor conditions, such as freezer and refrigerator temperature, humidity and air pressure, water leak and contact closure, then communicate with our cloud-based OneVue software to log the data for compliance and administration and alert you if conditions warrant attention.

Make manual monitoring and data logging a thing of the past and create a safer and more efficient facility.

Improve efficiency and timeliness throughout your entire facility with Primex OneVue Sync synchronized clocks. Perfect for schools, hospitals, businesses, and transit centers, Primex synchronized clocks can help keep people, classes, appointments, meetings, and transportation fleets on time.

With multiple analog and digital clock options, along with three different synchronization technologies, there is sure to be the right clock and technology combination to fit your facility’s size and needs.


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