Primex Wireless


XR Series Broadcast Transmitter GPS Solution

Our XR Series system uses a GPS-acquired time or a local Network Time Protocol (NTP) time source and a broadcast transmitter to synchronize all of your clocks. Our proprietary 72 MHz broadcast frequency synchronizes each clock independently to keep your entire healthcare organization running in sync.

  1. Unlike other systems, the XR Series transmits a 72 MHz frequency signal that delivers the perfect combination of distance and signal strength to more easily transmit through common building materials, across longer distances, and with less potential for signal interference.
  2. Our transmitters use five times less power to send time signals the same distance as our competitors.
  3. A choice of transmitter sizes ensures the system can handle different size facilities with ample power to grow, maximizing your investment for the future.


If your healthcare organization does not have facility-wide Wi-Fi or Ethernet access, our cost effective XR Series solution provides state-of-the-art time synchronization to keep your facility running on schedule.

  1. GPS receiver obtains correct time from the GPS satellite.
  2. Powerful 72 MHz frequency transmitter broadcasts time signal to every clock across your facility.
  3. Clocks receive the signal and automatically synchronize to correct time.